Jindal & Co. Helps You Pack Safely With GI Clip, Adhesive Tape, Cotton Rope, Hessian Cloth, etc. 


Jindal & Co. Helps You Pack Safely With GI Clip, Adhesive Tape, Cotton Rope, Hessian Cloth, etc. 

About Us

Packaging requires perfection and needless to cite, perfection is possible to attain with use of right quality of packaging products. Jindal & Co., as a manufacturer and supplier supports you attain perfection in packaging by supplying premium in quality Stretch Film, PP Bag, Hessian Bag, Cotton Rope, Adhesive Tape and a host of other products. We promote safety in shipment and secure quality in products by supplying the best of packaging products in plastic, jute, cotton and other materials. 

Our collection of multiple packaging products is suitable for companies in food, fabrics, glass, tiles, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, chemicals, cosmetics, electrical, and other industries. All types of business owners having small, medium and large scale companies, trust our collection because of its supremacy, durability and affordability. There is nothing that we do not do to impress our buyers and the same is visible in our way of approaching customers, conducting business deals, and more. 

Serving Since 1984

Customers in all the sectors desiring for premium textured packaging products that successfully retain quality of products, deal with us and obtain the best Stretch Film, Adhesive Tape, PP Bag, Hessian Bag, and other packaging products. We, since our beginning in 1984, have been offering cost-effective packaging products to support the supply of quality-made products. Commitment to quality since the beginning of our company is one of the factors that has helped us attain market goodwill in this fast growing and hugely competitive packaging industry. 

Quality Assurance 

High performing packaging products are not easy to find anywhere but only at our company because we maintain supreme quality standards during production. We have a quality management system at our company, which helps us maintain standards at processing and dispatch stages. We have robust testing equipment to ensure every packaging item stands perfect on all grounds. 

Our Strengths

  • Our large variety of packaging essentials in supreme cotton, Laminated Jute Fabric, Coloured Jute Fabric,plastic, jute and other materials
  • Our hi-tech production facilities, which support us in bulk packaging products manufacturing
  • Our experienced experts with modern approach towards satisfying needs of clients

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